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Gene Coffey watercolor tattoo. When I get a tattoo, I want watercolor <3


Gene Coffey watercolor tattoo. When I get a tattoo, I want watercolor <3




  • falling asleep on someone’s chest
  • wrapping your arms around each other
  • synching heartbeats and breathing slowly
  • falling asleep in big t-shirts and underwear
  • forehead kissies and murmured affections
  • naps



Someone in my photojournalism class turned this in as their final.
Imagine how is touch the sky.


Someone in my photojournalism class turned this in as their final.

Imagine how is touch the sky.

I spent almost 30 minutes on Photoshop doing this:



This is relevant. [s]


SonicGDK (short for 3D Sonic Games Development Kit) is an impressive Unreal Development Kit powered Sonic The Hedgehog game creation tool which allows users to create some seriously impressive Sonic games (much better than the tat SEGA have been making lately anyway.)

SonicGDK gives you access to 3 versions of Sonic (Classic, Generic & Modern) with super forms, power-ups, badniks, special moves, controller support, checkpoints, bumpers, spikes and various other traps - basically everything you need to make a Sonic game.  You will need at least some basic coding skills to great anything good, but going by the variety of impressive games that have already been created with SonicGDK (See GIFs above), it’s certainly a powerful and versatile game creation tool.  Maybe even SEGA could make a decent Sonic game with it!

Download all the Sonic games featured above and the SonicGDK codebase for free!

"Alright. Fuck this. let’s just make our own." -The Sonic Community



hi friends

i’m 26 now <3

the last time I was this drunk i  threw up in my bathroom sink

i feel like I may have this shit under wraps this year but I could be wrong, oh noes I even left a whole shot at the bar



A: Favorite Game of all time? -As of now, Monster Hunter 3u
B: Favorite Series of all time? -As of now, Metroid
C: Least Favorite Game of all time? -Thief
D: Favorite Soundtrack? -Metroid Prime
E: Favorite Sequel? -Unreal Tournament 2004
F: Biggest Let down? -Yoshi's New Island
G: What're you currently playing? -Pokemon y
H: Favorite local multiplayer game? -Mario Kart 8
I: Favorite Online multiplayer game? -As of now, Dota 2
J: Favorite system? -PC
K: Game you're most looking forward to? -Destiny
L: Favorite Licensed title? -Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
M: Favorite Game of last year? -The Wonderful 101
N: Favorite protagonist? - As of now, Samus Aran
O: Favorite antagonist? - Bowser
P: Favorite Genre? -Shooters
Q: Any Guilty Pleasure Games? -Yes
R: Most underrated game? -Primal Carnage
S: Most overrated game? - Half-Life 2
T: Best game memory? -can't remember
U: Favorite Handheld title? -Monster Hunter 3u
V: First game you remember playing? -Super Star Wars
W: Any games you regret getting rid of? -Super Smash Bros Melee
X: What you'd like to change about your favorite franchise? -nothing
Y: What game would you want your child to play first? -Don't have one
Z: Game character you most associate with? -King of the Cosmos


i don’t care if you think it’s “improper first date attire” this suit of armor is enchanted and i’m wearing it


Hey Anon! Sorry I took so long to answer this—I wanted to do something more in-depth over just a ‘ok draw a circle now MAKE IT AWSUM.’ I also tried to recall from other tutorials stuff in them I didn’t feel like they spoke about.

also—I’m very sorry I don’t have more advice to give about ears. I am not completely confident with them yet! Gotta keep practicing.

As always, I am not 100% correct on everything, so feel free to use what you want and ignore what you don’t want!

Here’s some more tutorials on noses and ears that might be helpful, if this one isn’t:

Step-by-step coloring nose tutorial

Another nose tutorial!

Ear tutorial by the same artist. This artist has TONS of other useful tutorials too, btw!

More noses.



Pokemon X Nanoblock - Gangar (Gengar)

Excuse me I need this


this belongs in a musuem


this belongs in a musuem



how real men hunt